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Intuitive diagramming and out-of-box utilities organized to showcase candidate's best

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Less Time Hiring

Save time and effort before, during and after the interviews. Give engineers the time back to work on building great products.

Better Consistency

Build a set of standard system design questions for your org. Review the interview sessions to ensure a consistent hiring bar.

Happier Candidates

Upgrade the interview experience for better candidate satisfaction. Oasys let candidates focus on showcasing their best skills.


Focus on what matters

It's painful to use current virtual whiteboard solutions. Based on our studies, candidates waste up to 25% of interview time figuring out the tool during a system design assessment. There's even more wasted time from creating the interview question, setting up every interview session, waiting for candidates to calculate requests per second by hand, etc. We aim to remove the waste so you can focus on what matters.

Oasys comes with video calling, screen sharing features that you would expect from a technical interview platform. But we are the first to provide questions bank, reviewable sessions, and commenting specifically for system design interviews. The following features further showcase our unique and innovative design.

Focus Modes

Distraction-free diagram mode and whiteboard brainstorming mode let candidates focus on designing while keeping the context around.


Doing elementary math and text formatting on a virtual whiteboard is not the focus of an interview, so we provided these out of the box.

Interview Workflow

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